E A R L I E R - W O R K S


This was the second blade in which I carved a fuller or 'blood channel' as it is usually
called. A fuller was designed to strengthen and lighten the blade, it had nothing to do
with blood. The wood was hard to work but it cut cleanly and the richness of its colour
made for a satisfying result.

I named the sword Arthur after the legendary King Arthur of the Britons because the sword was straight and true The young Arthur (in legend) proved himself to be the rightful heir to the throne when he pulled the sword from the stone. He was brought up by Merlin the magician who acted as his advisor and protector. He and his knights of the round table were eventually drawn into battle to defeat Arthur's nephew Mordred. Arthur now rests at Avalon.


blade type; double edge, with fuller
blade length; 82 cm., 32 inches
overall length; 107 cm., 42 inches

Woods used:

blade; jarrah
cross-guard; red beech
pommel; rimu (heartwood)