E A R L I E R - W O R K S

The shape, colour and markings of the woods used for this sword gave it a Celtic flavour. This led me to name the sword Beowulf.

Beowulf, an Anglo-Saxon hero of Celtic mythology was King of the Geats in southern Sweden for many years. He was a brave and skilled warrior notable for destroying the man-eating monster Grendel which had been an unwelcome guest of King Hrothgar's realm in Denmark. When Beowulf was an old man he and the chieftain Wiglaf killed a fire-breathing dragon which had caused much devastation in his land, however, he died of wounds inflicted during the fierce conflict.


blade type; double edge, flattened hexagon
blade length; 75 cm., 30 inches
overall length; 95 cm., 37 inches

Woods used:

blade; red beech
cross-guard; red beech (wavy grain)
pommel; unknown driftwood