E A R L I E R - W O R K S

The shape of Falcon's blade was based on the 'Sword of Charlemagne' c. 850 A.D housed in the Waffensammlung in Vienna. It is typical of an eastern European falchion. This blade is single edge with a subtle s-curved flat back which meets the edge at a point. Falchions were preceded by the Viking sax, a sword which resembled a huge carving knife. They were also the forerunner of the modern day sabre. Falcon's colours, grains and markings have a richness which complement the sleek lines. And yes, the knot one-third from the cross-guard was not easy to work with.


blade type; single edge, falchion
blade length; 90 cm., 35 inches
overall length; 112 cm., 44 inches

Woods used:

blade; beech (heartwood)
cross-guard; red beech
pommel; red beech