SOLD. A piece of driftwood salvaged from the shore of Lake Wakatipu at Kingston turned out to contain the tough hardwood, red beech. The worked and finished wood revealed spectacular wavy grain which, dependent on the angle of light changes in hue. This blade was the first long blade (35 inches) I had carved and can be catergorised as a long sword or war sword. Long swords were used during a battle by knights on horseback.The swords' length allowed the warriors to reach their adversaries while keeping themselves relatively free from danger. I named the sword Merlin (the magician in the legend of King Arthur) because the blade's colour and grain seemed to possess a magical quality.

Merlin (in Welsh legend) was reputed to have arranged the meeting of Arthur's parents. He then prepared Arthur for the role of King of the Britons. Merlin not only protected Arthur with his magical powers but also acted as his messenger and advisor. It is also thought that Merlin suggested the concept of the round table to King Arthur, a table which would place all who sat at it equal with the others.


blade type; double edge, flattened hexagon
blade length; 88 cm., 35 inches
overall length; 108 cm., 43 inches

Woods used:

blade; red beech (wavy grain)
cross-guard; beech
pommel; red beech