E A R L I E R - W O R K S

A single piece of red beech was used to carve two blades of equal length. First a blade based on a 9th. century Viking sax which I called Odin and second, this blade, typical of a 13th. century falchion a descendant of the sax and similar to one held in the Library, Durham Cathedral. This sword just had to be named Thor.

Thor was the eldest son of Odin, the chief of the gods in Norse mythology. Thor was the god of thunder and of the Sun. His favoured weapon was a hammer, called Mjollnir which always returned to his hand when thrown. Thor was killed along with his father in the great battle of Ragnarok against the giants.


blade type; double edge, falchion
blade length; 75 cm., 30 inches
overall length; 97 cm., 38 inches

Woods used:

blade; red beech
cross-guard; red beech (wavy grain)
pommel; rimu (sapwood)